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Ways to save water at home (that you haven’t thought of yet)

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By now, you know all about using grey water to replenish the water in your garden soil, or you’ve installed a handy bucket in your home’s shower to catch wasted water. You’ve probably set a time limit on how long the kids can run their bath, and everyone’s turning off the taps while brushing their teeth. But, as our team has found out, there are some unusual ways you can save even more water too. Check out our list of ways you can save water at home, that you may not have thought of just yet.

Washing the Dishes
You’ve enjoyed an epic dinner with family and friends, and now the pile of dishes is staring you down like a scary monster you’d prefer to ignore. That monster isn’t just a chore though – it can be an exercise in saving water too. Rather than filling your sink with water and then piling the dishes in one by one, pick the biggest pot or bowl you need to clean and fill that with soapy water. Thereafter, put smaller dishes into the same pot/bowl and use that water to clean the smaller dishes. You’ll end up using less water, and still getting the same number of dishes sparkling clean.

Pick your Glass for the Day
We all do it: head to the kitchen for a glass of water, enjoy a little refreshing drink and then later, we do it again. By the end of the day, you’ve accumulated numerous glasses that all need to be washed which, in turn, uses more water. Rather, pick your glass for the day and keep refilling it. Instead of five glasses to wash, you’ll just have one for the day. Every little bit of water saving adds up!

Lighten the Laundry Load
News just in: you don’t need to always wash an item of clothing, after every single wear. In fact, clothing items like denim jeans, jerseys, and jackets, can be worn multiple times before washing.

Let the Kids Skip Bath Time
If your children are keen to skip the suds for a night or two, it’s okay! Let them cool off in the pool with an afternoon swim, or get them into the tub once every two nights. Alternatively, if you’re a stickler for bath time routine, bath everyone together – it’s double the fun, and half the water.

Put the Bucket Outside
Collecting rainwater doesn’t need to be difficult – a simple bucket placed outside during a downpour could collect a fair amount of (free!) water you can use to water your garden. Next time you hear that soothing sound of rain, reach for your bucket and put it outside.

Go to the Carwash
We know – you love that shiny, sleek style of a freshly washed car, but doing it at home uses more water than you need, and it’s a chore you can tick off your list. Rather, find out which of your local car washes recycles their water, or uses a waterless cleaning method. You’ll be saving water, supporting local businesses and setting aside more free time to catch up on your favourite series. Everybody wins!

If you’re looking for more ways to save water, we’ve got you covered. Check out our handy list of ways to save water at the office, or learn more about our rainwater harvesting systems.