Standard Range Water Tank

SBS® Water Systems (Pty) Ltd, the visionary company who introduced Zincalume® tanks to the South African marketplace in 1998, is the proud manufacturer of SBS Tanks®, a premium liquid storage solution for multiple applications.

SBS Tanks® are proven reliable in the Municipal, Mining, Fire, Food & Beverage, Agricultural and Water Conservation Industries. The SBS® range of tanks has been engineered, designed and developed from 20 years’ practical experience in the water storage industry, and continues to improve from strength to strength.

The wall panels and roof sheets of all SBS Tanks® are made of steel that is hot dipped and coated with a molten alloy of 55% aluminium, 43.5% zinc and 1.5% silicon, commonly referred to by its trade name Zincalume® , thus rendering SBS Tanks® highly resistant to corrosion.

Technical data sheets on Zincalume® and similar products are available on request. In some extreme cases, sacrificial magnesium anodes are applied, further inhibiting potential corrosion. All SBS Tanks® are fitted with an approved liner which prevents water coming into contact with the wall panels. This liner complies with the Australian Water Quality Centre standard AS/NZS 4020‐2005 : Testing of Products for use in Contact with Drinking Water.

chart of the water tank capacity of SBS Tanks standard range