Housing estate in Zimbabwe goes off the grid

The Fairview Private Estate, situated in Mt Hampden approximately 20km outside of Harare in Zimbabwe with access to borehole water has taken the initiative to secure the water supply and procured a 200 000 litre water tank from SBS® to store this precious resource to service the residential stands within the complex.

Securing water sources in Zimbabwe is key to future development and growth planned for the region. Only 50% of 4.5 million people in the capital Harare and the four other satellite towns have access to the municipal water supply, with an estimated two million + residents in and around the capital having no access to running water. This has required property developers to consider alternative methods of securing water sources.

A completed secure gated community with tarred roads, the Fairview Private Estate has its own water reticulation system and electricity supply, able to function completely off the grid. Developed on a 45-hectare site, the estate boasts all the modern amenities including a shopping mall, school, access control, gym, recreational area, park, sports facilities, and water features for the community.

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