Turnkey Solutions for Your Grain Farm

 The Turnkey Solution

SBS Agri brings together a deeply experienced team, state-of-the-art equipment, and exemplary design techniques, giving your farm the turnkey solutions it needs. Specialists in grain silos, dryers, and handling equipment, SBS Agri takes care of the entire design process, from concept to installation, and maintenance too. Working with you to create and implement an agricultural solution that meets your needs, and exceeds your expectations, the SBS Agri team is on hand to help your farm grow and succeed.

 The SBS Agri Approach

Our modular design principles give you fully customised solutions that are built to suit your farm’s specified agricultural processes. You get direct access to our in-house engineering team, who work with you to design the right turnkey solution for your needs. Our in-house installation team sets up your equipment in accordance with your specifications, and takes care of your long-term maintenance needs too. Our engineering and installations team are backed up by our expert project team, who ensure that everything we do adheres to the highest quality standards.

 New Sites and Expansions

With more than 40 years’ combined experience in the agricultural sector, the SBS Agri team draws on real-life applications and scenarios to create and implement the very best solution for your needs. Making each and every one of our clients’ projects a success provides our team with the motivation to grow, learn, and assist farmers across our serviced regions.

Across Africa

Our head office is located in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, with regional offices in Gauteng and Western Cape but the SBS Agri footprint extends far beyond the province. Beyond South Africa, the SBS Agri team has a presence in Ghana and Kenya, with plans to extend further into the African continent on the cards.

Experts In Aeration

One of the most critical elements of the grain processing and storage solution lies in ensuring that your grain undergoes the right kind of aeration. Our expert team assesses your silo floor design and selects the right type of aeration, fans, and air vents, to ensure that equilibrium is maintained within your grain silos.

Protecting Your Harvest

Our team have designed and developed an Automatic Fan Control (AFC) Unit that helps you manage and monitor the moisture percentage within your grain silo. This Unit helps to prevent harvest loss, by curbing the development of hotspots and infestation. Similarly, our Slide Gate Monitoring System prevents off-centre unloading, by indicating which slide gate is open, thereby preventing accidents or grain loss. Our Diesel Dryer, designed and built for the African climate, improves your harvest quality by reducing crop exposure to weather, and reducing your farm’s dependency on weather conditions.

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