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5 Benefits of a Rainwater Harvesting Tank:

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While flash flooding and isolated thunderstorms skew this figure, on average, South Africa receives around 450ml of rainfall per year. With the global average sitting at a much higher 860ml of rainfall per year, South Africa requires serious rainwater harvesting solutions so that what little rain we do get isn’t – excuse the pun – sent down the drain. Let’s look at five real benefits of a rainwater harvesting tank:

  • There’s a large amount of back up water available should the taps run dry
  • Municipal infrastructure dependence can be greatly reduced
  • A rainwater harvesting tank can boost the value of your property
  • Rainwater storage solutions can improve a company’s public image
  • Rainwater is captured efficiently instead of going to waste

Water on demand.

Doomsday preppers aren’t the only ones ensuring they have a store of clean water on their properties. A rainwater harvesting tank means that there will always be a reservoir of water on-site for when the taps run dry. This could come in handy should your area be due for major municipal water infrastructure upgrades at some point.

More independence.

As mentioned above, a rainwater harvesting tank with sufficient filtration allows access to clean water when the municipal taps run dry for whatever reason. This means that, should you have enough water storage capacity for your property’s water requirements, you could reduce or completely remove your reliance on the municipal water infrastructure!

Higher property value.

There’s no two ways about it – one of the biggest benefits of a rainwater harvesting tank is that it could contribute to your property being sold for a higher price than it would without a water storage solution in place. This is particularly true in the case of commercial properties, where there’s a higher level of water usage per month.

Improved public image.

Utilising eco-friendly water infrastructure could seriously improve a company’s public image, especially if that company uses large quantities of municipal water within a community. A rainwater harvesting tank shows that a brand is water-conscious, which in turn shows good corporate responsibility and ultimately places a brand favourably in the minds of its existing and potential customers.

Less water wastage.

Ever stopped to look at how much water flows from your building’s gutters and into your drains when it rains? We’re talking about hundreds and hundreds of litres of wasted water per hour of rainfall! One benefit of a rainwater harvesting tank is that you’re able to harvest all that rainwater before it disappears, and use it to reduce your building’s water dependence.


SBS Tanks understands that water is precious, and that current municipal water infrastructure struggles to provide clean water consistently. The problem is water insufficiencies; the solution is a rainwater harvesting tank!