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A Hotel Water Tank – How It Could Help Your Hospitality Business

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Have you considered installing a hotel water tank, or adding a backup water supply for your hospitality establishment?

South African businesses continue to tangle with economic pressures, rising utility bills, and other local concerns. Notably, however, the hospitality industry within the country remains poised for growth over the next five years. But how could a hotel water tank help your establishment attract new clientele and keep the bills at bay? Here are three ways a hotel water tank can help:

Save on bills
South African restaurants have been actively responding to persistent drought conditions by changing things up a little. Some establishments have adopted a more water-wise menu, while others have implemented water-saving programmes. While these are notable environmentally-friendly responses to drought conditions, there’s another side effect to them: lower utility bills. Keeping your business’ overheads as low as possible, is vital, so finding ways to cut back on your expenses is not only good for the environment, it’s good for your bottom line too.

Decrease your reliance upon municipal water supply
At home, being without water for a day can be troublesome, but not entirely impossible to manage, especially if you’re prepared for a water cut. When running a hotel, where hundreds of guests rely upon your water supply, however, can be disastrous. By implementing rainwater harvesting systems, installing a hotel water tank, or creating a backup water supply system that’ll help you keep the taps running, can be highly beneficial.

Eco-friendly tourism
Implementing water-saving programmes or incorporating a hotel water tank into your backup supply programme, can become a selling point for your establishment. As the demand for eco-friendly tourism options grows, keen-eyed clientele often prefers to experience a city from a home base that makes a positive contribution towards its local environment.

An interruption in water supply can be devastating for any industry, and for the hospitality sector, it can be disastrous. We can help – get in touch with our team and we’ll help you implement an effective, eco-friendly backup water supply system.