Zincalume - Diagram Showing Chemical Composition of Zincalume

Our Zincalume Tanks: Not Your Standard Steel

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Our water tanks are anything but average, and that’s because our manufacturing process is anything but average too. Our not-so-secret formula for our tanks, starts with Zincalume®.

Our sales team fields a wide variety of questions from interested clients, throughout the year. The most commonly posed question, asked to our team is this:

What makes SBS Tanks different from the rest?

Of course, there’s our superb after-sales service, and our incredible team. There’s also our longstanding commitment to building a better South Africa, and our vision of serving communities and customers across the globe. And, as you know, our associations, endorsements and awards speak for themselves.

But behind the scenes, the not-so-secret formula to our weather-enduring, long-lasting, and easily assembled water tanks begins with Zincalume®. Our love for this incredible, durable material is rooted in our long history of working with it. We’ve been using Zincalume® to manufacture our tanks since we launched in 1998.

What is Zincalume®?

Zincalume® is not your standard steel. In fact, Zincalume® is made up of:

  • 5% Zinc
  • 55% Aluminium
  • 5% Silicon

That makes it a tough, yet durable material… and that’s why we use to it create our liquid storage tanks.

Here’s why our team loves Zincalume®:

  • It’s lightweight and extremely versatile.
  • It offers excellent corrosion resistance – up to four times more corrosion resistance than your typical galvanized steel.
  • By using our customised, purpose-built liners within the Zincalume tanks, we’re able to create customised liquid storage solutions for our clients that last far longer than you may think.
  • Because our tanks are not made of plastic, they are far less likely to perish, and offer our customers extra peace of mind. The potential for contamination is minimised through our use of Zincalume® panels and liners.
  • The high level of corrosion resistance, matched with our purpose-built manufacturing process, enables our tanks to live up to customer’s needs, no matter the environmental conditions. Our tanks can (and do!) withstand even the harshest of climates.

If you’re looking for a long-lasting, attractive, and excellently manufactured water tank, get in touch with our team. We’ll guide you through our process of designing and delivering the water tank you need.